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ProActive Management Consulting, LLC, Counseling and Advocacy Division


POSITION:   Peer Specialist Job Description



REPORTS TO:  Team Leader



PURPOSE:  The individual leading and managing the day-to-day operations of the program, the Program Leader, must be a Georgia-certified Peer Specialist, who is a CPRP or can demonstrate activity toward attainment of the CPRP credential.







  • The  Georgia-certified Peer Specialists in the Peer Supports program may be shared

with other programs as long as the Program Leader is present at least 75% of the hours

the Peer Supports program is in operation, and as long as the Program Leader and the

Georgia- certified Peer Specialists are available as required for supervision and clinical  

operations, and as long as they are not counted in Consumer to staff ratios for 2 different

programs operating at the same time.

  • Services must be provided and/or activities led by staff who are Georgia-certified Peer

Specialists or other consumers under the supervision of a Georgia-certified Peer Specialist.

A specific activity may be led by someone who is not a consumer but is an invited guest.

  • There must be at least 2 Georgia-certified Peer Specialists on staff either in the Peer

Supports Program or in a combination of Peer Supports and other programs and services

Operating within the agency.

  • The maximum face-to-face ratio cannot be more than 30 consumers to 1 Certified Peer

Specialist based on average daily attendance in the past three (3) months of consumers in the


  • The maximum face-to-face ratio cannot be more than 15 consumers to 1 direct service/

program staff, based on the average daily attendance in the past three (3) months of consumers

in the program.

  • All staff must have an understanding of recovery and psychosocial rehabilitation principles

as defined by the Georgia Consumer Council and psychosocial rehabilitation principles

published by USPRA and must possess the skills and ability to assist other consumers in

Their own recovery processes.

  •  Complies with all State and Federal Program requirements.

  • Performs other duties as required.





1.Ability to use effective time management and organizational skills;

2.Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing;

3.Working knowledge of computerized program software, Internet access and word processing


4.Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with clients, families, service

providers, colleagues and the general public;

5.Considerable knowledge of human services and health resources within an identified community;

6.Ability to maintain confidentiality and take prudent measures to protect and secure documents and






1.Certified Peer Specialist;

2.Three to five years professional experience with service providers, agencies, and municipal


3.Extensive experience in data collection, observation, reporting, documentation and record keeping;












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